Investments solution with cryptocurrency and altcoins
Simple investments with altcoins
Our fund will offer a simple investment with high return.
According to portfolio structure, at any given moment all tokens are backed with 100% crypto assets under management.
We can accept Your altcoins to investments a Crypto Fund
that is available to everyone.
The UK escrow and Swiss Bank quality service
UK presence and Swiss Bank Marketplace.
All our team have more than 8 years of forex trading experiences
(In 2018 Dirtrex bought the brand and trading algorithms
that worked since 2010).
Dirtrex™ powered in partnership "Balmore International Corporation"
Reg. N62624B Since 1997. Great Britain, 431 Oxford Street, London, WIP 2DA . "External Asset Manager for Crypto Trading". Verified on Kraken Exchange.
Partnership with:
"Serenity Financial"- Escrow Partner.
"Dukascopy Bank SA ", ECN Forex Brokerage, Since 1998. Swiss Marketplace
Blockchain service for investments
Our Token based to Ethereun Blockchain.
Simple investments, High return.
No commission when investing by using the Trading Tokens.
Contributors can purchase Trading tokens by depositing ETH, BTC, WAVES or other altcoins at the exchange rate as of the time of the transaction.
100% Automated trading
Our trading Robots gives you access to the explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market while minimizing the high risk often associated with simple cryptocurrency investments.
All robots developed on Java and adapted for Dukascopy Trading Platform.
Extensive Digital & Forex Currency Support
The investments distribution between various currencies minimizes possible losses. The Mix trading strategies.
Our Robots trading for: BTCUSD, ETHUSD.
Dirtrex Crypto Fund solution for investors and ICO altcoins
DTEX is a decentralized token based on the ERC20 - token, one of Ethereum Technological trends. The goal of this blockchain asset is to supplement the development of Dirtrex Fund system. The token holders will have the benefit and effortlessly cashing out their altcoins.
There are thousands of altcoins in the market, and new ones entering almost daily. Many are based on no more than a team with an idea, while others have fully functional products ready to change the world. These coins carry more risk, but also have far greater upside potential. We can accept this tokens for investments in our Fund. With the Dirtrex Fund, there is no longer any reason to sell your Altcoins when you can invest and receive a fixed profit.
Good service for small investors
In addition to our service, we are working on a buyback system that allows you to buy and sell trading coins right here on our website using the power of the vast Ethereum Network.
Management of Crypto Fund
For traders and investors

Most Advanced Auto Crypto-Trader Robot
SOON: cloud auto trading crypto-currencies
Our mission is to radically transform the trading industry, while demonstrating that algorithmic robot can do real profit, scale, and make a profit.
BTCUSD +25%/month
Intraday Trading Robot:
Mimimal Invest: 1000 Trading coin
ETHUSD +25%/month
Intraday Trading Robot:
Mimimal Invest: 1000 Trading coin
Trading Robot:
// Licence: Java software Indicator & robot for Dukascopy Bank platform                                 
// Owner of strategy :
// All rights reserved  2017 Licence #00129885  2017-07-17  | update 02.2018
// contact: Skype:JForexRobot  email: [email protected]
import com.dukascopy.api.Configurable;
import com.dukascopy.api.Filter;
import com.dukascopy.api.IAccount;
import com.dukascopy.api.IBar;
import com.dukascopy.api.IChart;
import com.dukascopy.api.IChartObject;
import com.dukascopy.api.IConsole;
import com.dukascopy.api.IContext;
import com.dukascopy.api.ICurrency;
Our robots adapted for this brokers
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